Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard is the first page you’ll see after logging into the Admin Console. This area provides an overview of a site's activity, visitors’ actions, and online sales.

The information is presented as both charts and linked list items.

More information on how to utilise these tools can be found in "Reports".

  1. Weekly Statistics - this gives you a quick overview about how your site has performed over the last week. It gives you information on Visits, Online Sales, Events, Forum Posts, and more. The graph will change depending on what statistic we've selected. In the above example, 'Visits' is selected so the graph shows visits over the last week. For more detailed reports, you can click the 'View more reports' link above the graph.
  2. Campaign Summary - provides and overview of upcoming email campaigns. As you can see, we currently have no campaigns scheduled.
  3. Live Feed - this shows you briefly what your users have been doing on your website. In this example, user "Ben Norman" has been logging in a lot.
  4. Upcoming Tasks - will show you any upcoming tasks or meetings you have scheduled through the CRM. We have one "Important Meeting" coming up on 29 April.
  5. What's New - this is a news feed showing you the latest information from Business Catalyst and also from Headjam. In this example, we see that Business Catalyst have let us know there was some scheduled maintenance carried out in September.
  6. Usage Stats - these show how close you are to your maximum Disk Usage, Bandwidth Usage, (administrator) Users, Email Addresses, and Newsletter Usage. Bandwidth and Newsletter Usage will reset each month.