Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy forms the foundation of what we do at Headjam. Our careful attention will help you to understand, target and reach customers across a range of marketing and communication platforms.

The three main types of strategy we employ are marketing and social media strategies, and research-based media planning. Marketing strategies outline your goals, answering the big questions like where does your business want to be in 5 years time? Social media strategies are documents that respond to your business goals, and describe the objectives of communicating via platforms like Facebook.

Research is the backbone of strategy. We take the time to build understanding of your needs, and to ensure that you reach your business goals by using a range of techniques. For example, focus groups and surveys that permit direct feedback to test marketing campaign strategy externally, and internally with your staff to enhance insights during business planning.

Brand strategy aligns our creative communications with your business or campaign strategy and brings validity to the creative process by producing measurable outcomes; answering vital questions like did that last advertising campaign generate the desired amount of behavioural change? Did that last webisode generate the projected amount of interaction on social media platforms?

Marketing communication mix is crucial to this process, and we ensure that each component strengthens the next to develop campaigns that interact across multiple platforms. For example, print media advertisements can point the reader to an online component of the campaign.

Brand strategy forms the foundation of what we do at Headjam.